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Slide What We do Storey Creek Trading is an independent log marketing company based in Campbell River. We pride ourselves in the transparency, quality and integrity of our work. Maximizing the value of the wood by matching the right log to the right customer is our goal. We maintain strong relationships with our customer base to get the best return in all markets— domestically and internationally. HARVEST PLANNING Evaluate timber stands to determine profitability. Optimize production schedule to maximize stand value. IDEAS & CONCEPTS Quality Control Set up falling, yarding, bucking, processing, and loading specifications. Onsite presence to ensure quality control. HOW DOES IT WORK? Sort Supervision Develop and manage sort specifications to ensure the right log goes to the right customer. MORE INFO Marketing + Sales Understand market trends. Work with end use customers to get best market price. Connect with strong, loyal and diverse customer base to find the ideal buyer. MAXIMIZING SALES Scale Site Administration + Project Cost Accounting Utilize LIMS specialty scale data management system to produce customized inventory reports. Complete detailed profit & loss statements and monthly project records. BEHIND THE SCENES Financing Provide logging project financing at market rates. A comprehensive financing agreement is produced and becomes part of the cost of any project. PEACE OF MIND

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Slide Why work with Storey Creek Trading? Storey Creek Trading is an independent log brokerage company based in Campbell River, BC. In business since 1998, our company specializes in log sales unhindered by integrated operations. Our customers include First Nations, woodlot owners, joint ventures, community forests, private forestland, and timber sales. EXPERIENCED LOG TRADERS DOMESTIC AND EXPORT CAPACITY STRONG CUSTOMER BASE LOCALLY AND GLOBALLY HAVE A PROJECT IN MIND? CONTACT US.

Slide Our Senior Team Experienced, Professional, and Established Tim Walley, MBA Domestic Sales cedar sales specialist CONTACT Dan Higgins International Sales 25 years of industry experience CONTACT Mason Harris, RPF Project Management + Domestic Sales 25 years of industry experience CONTACT Roger Gage Local Log Purchases + Quality Control 30 years of industry experience CONTACT

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